2016 Non-Series Sermons

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What Are You Fighting For?

By Rick Warren
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Delivered on 01/03/2016

In this first message in 2016 Pastor Rick looks at the personal battles that we will face in the coming year. He speaks about three battles that we will face over and over in our lives, and he shows us from God's Word how to win the battles that we fight within.

Every Body Matters

By Gary Thomas
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Delivered on 01/09/2016

With our busy lifestyle, it's easy to neglect our health for the sake of convenience. Your body matters; don't wait until it's broken to change. Physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health need regular care for us to operate at our best. Best-selling author Gary Thomas shares from his book, Every Body Matters on this annual Daniel Plan weekend.

Growing a Love that Lasts

By Rick Warren
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Valentine's Day

Delivered on 02/13/2016

Pastor Rick teaches a powerful message from 1 Corinthians 13, looking at the four choices that make love last a lifetime. Whether you're married, engaged, single, or somewhere in between, this message will inspire and equip you to find and build relationships that endure.

The Entitlement Cure: God's Plan of Success in Doing Things the Right Way

By John Townsend
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Delivered on 02/28/2016

Dr. John Townsend, counselor, radio host, speaker, and author of Boundaries, Leadership Beyond Reason, and most recently, The Entitlement Cure shares principles and skills to help us both navigate life with those around us who have an entitlement mindset and identify areas in our own lives where we are stuck in an "easy way" of living.

The Heart of Saddleback

By Rick Warren, Tom Holladay, and Kurt Johnston
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Delivered on 07/03/2016

Pastor Rick teaches what makes Saddleback Church unique, looking at why we do what we do at Saddleback — our foundations and our ten core values, and how to use them to make an impact in the lives of others.

The Annoying Love of God

By Ryan Holladay
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Delivered on 07/10/2016

Ryan Holladay, pastor of Lower Manhattan Community Church in downtown New York City, grew up at Saddleback Church. As the son of Pastor Tom Holladay and nephew of Pastor Rick Warren, Ryan knows what it means to be Purpose Driven, having served in Saddleback Kids, Junior High Ministry, and High School Ministry for many years. Ryan delivers an inspiring message on the Loving Father and the Prodigal Son.

God's Grace is for Every Race

By Rick Warren
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Delivered on 07/17/2016

God loves color. By taking a look at creation we get a glimpse of God's creativity and passion for color and diversity. And, he wants his church to reflect that diversity as well. In this message at Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren teaches this powerful and timely message on the value of diversity and how each of us can promote reconciliation. You'll learn why God hates racial prejudice, what you can do to equip yourself to view others as God views them, and how to break down racial barriers in your community.

Don't Throw Away Your Birthrights

By Rick Warren
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Delivered on 08/12/2016 during the 2016 Celebrate Recovery Summit

Pastor Rick teaches a special message for the 25th anniversary of the Celebrate Recovery ministry founded at Saddleback Church, teaching eight things he has learned about human behavior and why God has blessed Celebrate Recovery.

The Rest You Need

By Tom Holladay
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Delivered on 08/28/2016

Pastor Tom Holladay teaches on the 23rd Psalm, taking us on a vacation for our souls, as we discover what it means to truly rest in the midst of a busy life through the words of this beautiful chapter.

How to Let Go of Worry

By Buddy Owens
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Delivered on 09/11/2016

We all worry. It affects our health and our relationships, and can get in the way of us achieving our goals and dreams, but the Bible shows us that we can rely on God to provide for us and give peace, no matter our situation. Pastor Buddy Owens brings an inspiring message teaching how to let go of the worry in our lives. This message is perfect for anyone feeling anxious and looking for peace.

Exercises for Spiritual Fitness

By Rick Warren and Tom Holladay
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Delivered on 10/09/2016

Pastor Rick and Tom Holladay teach together on the ten habits of healthy believers in this clear look at the purposes of life and the church. Pastor Rick emphasizes the meaning and the importance of baptism in this message, that he actually teaches from the baptism pool at Saddleback Church.

The Rewards of Seeking God

By Tom Mullins
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Delivered on 11/12/2016

Finding God doesn't have to be mysterious or difficult. The Bible says if you seek after God, you'll find him. It's a promise! God loves you, and he wants you to find him and experience his power in your life. Dr. Tom Mullins, internationally-respected pastor and leadership coach, teaches how to achieve more peace and stability through a two-way relationship with God, teaching us how to transform our work, health, and relationships by seeing God in everything you do.

The Real News About Christmas

By Tom Holladay
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Delivered on 12/18/2016

Let's face it, the holidays are busy. Christmas is supposed to be a celebration, but it's easy to get lost in the seasonal craziness. How can you make sure Christmas doesn't pass you by? In this message at Saddleback Church, Pastor Tom Holladay shares four truths about Christmas to help us reflect on its true significance and help us to experience deep, lasting joy, even in the midst of holiday busyness.

Christmas Eve 2016: The Choices That Create Joy in Your Life

By Rick Warren
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Delivered on 12/24/2016

2016: Saddleback's 37th Christmas

Christmas is a time to celebrate with your family and friends. But in the midst of the holiday busyness, it's easy to forget the most important gift of all — joy. In this message at Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren shares how to break through the barriers keeping us from having joy. You'll discover the three keys to experiencing deep, lasting joy, no matter your circumstances.