Beloved Dust (Softcover)

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We were formed from the dust, but we were made for life with God. We often accept less. We make promises and set goals to try and grow, but holiness seems impossible. But the Christian life is not about looking or feeling like a Christian. It's about abiding in God.

If communion with God is your goal, self-help strategies and personal resolutions will fail you. But Jesus Christ will not.

Drawing deeply from Scripture and narrating their own experiences, Pastor Jamin Goggin and theology professor Kyle Strobel wrote this book to be a companion for your journey with Jesus in the truth of yourself — as his beloved dust. This is not weighing tasks and rewards, but is a process of patience, prayer, and openheartedness.

Prayerfully read this book. Prepare your heart for the gifts God has for you. Beloved Dust invites readers to discover the fundamental simplicity and radical transformation of being with God.

JAMIN GOGGIN serves as Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Retreats at Saddleback Church. He holds an MA in Spiritual Formation and an MA in New Testament and is currently earning a PhD in Theology. He is the co-editor of Reading the Christian Spiritual Classics: A Guide for Evangelicals. Jamin lives with his wife and three children in Orange County, California.

KYLE STROBEL is an assistant professor of spiritual theology at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, and is the co-founder of, a ministry for spiritual formation. Kyle is the author of Formed for the Glory of God (IVP), and Metamorpha: Jesus as a Way of Life (Baker Books). Kyle and his wife Kelli live in Fullerton, CA with their two children.

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