Invitation to Celebrate Recovery (CD)

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By John Baker, pastor and founder of Celebrate Recovery. "Each of our lives are tangled up with hurts that haunt our hearts, hang-ups that cause us pain, and habits that mess up our lives. There's not a person in the world who doesn't deal with at least one of these on some level; and many of us struggle with all three.

Due to the poor choices that I made in my life, I became addicted to alcohol. After I had hit my bottom I made two good life-changing decisions. First, I turned my life over to Christ's care and control. Then, I made the decision to start my recovery. These are the same two decisions that you can make to find freedom from your life's hurts, hang-ups, and habits. You will be able to Celebrate your Recovery!"

The CD set includes the following message and songs:

  1. Welcome to the Principles for Healing & Freedom - John Baker w/ Testimonials
  2. The Reign is Over - Bill Batstone
  3. Hurts, Hang-ups and Habits - John Baker
  4. A Prayer for Grace - Haley Dukes
  5. Are We Wearing a Mask of Denial? Are We Really In Control? - John Baker
  6. Different Like You - Mouth
  7. How We Find Hope - It's Your Choice - John Baker w/ Testimonials
  8. Lord, I Believe in You - Crystal Lewis
  9. Faith is Taking God at His Word - John Baker w/ Testimonials
  10. Give It to Jesus - Human Zero
  11. The Invitation 1 - John Baker w/ Testimonials
  12. Come Just As You Are - Chelsea Somma
  13. The Invitation 2 - John Baker
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