Invitation to Hope (CD)

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Kay Warren, author of Dangerous Surrender, advocate for people living with HIV/AIDS, and pastor's wife: "No one ever wants to hear the words, It's cancer. I've heard those words twice in the last few years and I know from firsthand experience the shock, denial, fear, anger, and anxiety that accompany a cancer diagnosis. I also know the hope that comes from accepting God's offer of strength, faith and courage to face a life-threatening illness. His promise to be with me — to not leave me alone in my darkest hours — has caused me to want to offer that same comfort to others going through a tough time."

The CD set includes the following messages and songs:

  1. Introduction - Kay Warren

  2. He Knows My Name - John Evans

  3. Why Me? - Testimonies

  4. Why Me? - Kay Warren

  5. You Are My Refuge - Shannon Wexelberg & Mathew Ward

  6. Acceptance - Testimonies

  7. Acceptance - Kay Warren

  8. I Give - Donna Lasit [Generation Unleashed]

  9. Salvation Prayer - Kay Warren

  10. On My Knees - Jaci Velasquez

  11. Scripture Reading - Testimonies

  12. God Has A Purpose In Your Pain - Kay Warren

  13. I'll a Servant Be - Steve Garret

  14. Finding Joy - Testimonies

  15. Finding Joy/Prayer For Healing - Kay Warren

  16. I Will Not Be Shaken - Jonathan Lee

  17. Special Message For Family Members - Kay Warren

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