The Most Important Word of All

Buddy Owens
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Delivered on 12/03/2017

Part 1 of the series God Has Just the Right Word for You

You’re probably familiar with classic Christmas songs that have lyrics like “Emmanuel” and “Christ the Savior is born.” We sing these songs but often overlook the depth of their words. In this message, Pastor Buddy Owens takes an inside look at the most important word of all — Jesus, as Emmanuel, Savior, and Lord. You’ll learn how Jesus became human to bring us out of our brokenness and into his family. Find out how Jesus didn’t come as a concept, but as our Savior to experience life with us—through our pain, confusion, challenges, heartaches, and doubts. Discover how the same Jesus who came in the days of oppression, despair, and silence still saves us today through strength, freedom, and new life.

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