Songs for Community (2 CD Set)

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A collection of songs that express the heart of community and support your 40-Day journey. These songs were specifically chosen to correspond to each week's message during the campaign.


  1. Fill this Place
  2. Meet with Me
  3. How Great is our God
Why We Need Each Other
  1. One Voice
  2. He Reigns
Reaching Out Better Together
  1. Today I Choose
  2. Heart to Change the World
  3. Come Together
Belonging Better Together
  1. Borrow Mine
  2. Learning how to Love
Growing Better Together
  1. Shine on Us


  1. What Now
Serving Better Together
  1. Hands and Feet
  2. Audience of One
  3. More Than Worthy
Worshipping Better Together
  1. Let It Be So
  2. How Good and Pleasant
  3. Everyday
  1. Whatever
  2. You Said
  3. You Are Good

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