I Promise Small Group DVD

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Based on 5 years of research by Drs. Gary and Greg Smalley, this small group study will help you to develop a marriage where you both have the freedom to be open and secure without fear of being criticized, blamed or judged by each other. Learn how to make your marriage a safe place where your relationship grows deeper naturally.

This six-week small group study you and your spouse will:

  • Discover five core promises that will double your security and marriage satisfaction in one week!

  • Learn three powerful ways to improve your relationship with God.

  • Learn the biggest marriage mistake that most couples make.

  • Find out why marital trials and irritations are the secret to intimacy.

  • Develop six levels of communication (most couples only get to the second & third level).

  • Find three ways to help your spouse win every argument...while you win.

  • Discover a new way to serve your spouse by identifying their key needs.

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