Celebrate Recovery Worship DVD 2

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This is the perfect Celebrate Recovery tool everyone needs for their Large Group Meetings.

  • ...for that new CR start up that doesn't have a worship team yet

  • ...for those occasional Large Group Meetings when no worship leader is available

  • ...for those last minute cancellations

  • ...for when you need to give your worship team that much needed night off

This great worship DVD will take the pressure off of the weekly preparation for your Large Group Meetings.

Song list includes:

Worship Set 1:

      • Go

      • Song of Hope

      • Amazing Grace - My Chains are Gone

Worship Set 2:

      • Let It Be Known

      • God is Able

      • Always

Worship Set 3:

      • Hosanna - Marvelous Light

      • White Flag

      • Forever Reign

Worship Set 4:

      • Best Days

      • My Hope is In You

      • Lord I Need You

Worship Set 5:

    • Nothing is Impossible

    • Freedom is Here

    • 10,000 Reasons

Please note, each song contains subtitles.

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