Lasting Serenity Songbook

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"Some days our lives are filled with peace, while other days are filled with chaos. We have tried in vain to find peace and serenity, in unhealthy relationships, food, drugs, and other things of this world. It is my hope that as you pray the 'Serenity Prayer' and listen to the songs on this CD you will be reminded that 'Lasting Serenity' can only be found in our Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ." – John Baker

Songs include:

  1. Shelter Me

  2. Here I Am to Worship

  3. Jesus You're the Answer

  4. I Will Give You Rest

  5. Rest

  6. In Your Hands

  7. Joy, Joy, Joy

  8. Forever

  9. The Road to Recovery

Songbook includes:

  • Sheet Music

  • Chord Sheets

  • Overhead Masters

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