The Stories of Celebrate Recovery: The First Decade (4 Audio CDs)

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We all struggle with life's hurts, hang-ups. and habits. Through God's grace and power, thousands of individuals, in hundreds of churches, have worked the Christ-centered Celebrate Recovery program. In doing so, they found freedom from life long addictions and compulsions, experienced the restoration of broken relationships, and found a new life purpose. The audio collection contains twelve of the most dynamic life changing testimonies from the first ten years at Saddleback Church's Celebrate Recovery. This 4 CD set contains stories from . . .

  • Pastor John and Cheryl Baker: Personal Testimony and Program Overview

  • Sam (Powerless): Teenage Alcoholic

  • Elaine (Hope): Codependent

  • Missy (Turn): Child of an alcoholic (ACA)

  • Bob (Inventory): Alcoholic/Addict

  • Curt (Confess): Sex Addict

  • Lori (Victory): Love and Relationship addict

  • Karrie (Forgiveness): Sexual/Emotional/Physical abuse survivor

  • Tina (Grace): Sex Addict/Alcoholic

  • Penny (Crossroads): Codependent married to sexual addict (COSA)

  • Kenny (Relapse): Alcoholic

  • Rosanne (Give): Alcoholic

The stories are real. The events actually took place. Their lives were forever changed because of Christ. Hear their inspirational stories of hope and change as they went through the Celebrate Recovery program.

Kit Includes 4 audio CDs, representing the 12 steps and principles of Celebrate Recovery and an overview of the program.

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