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Celebration Place is a 52-week program that mirrors the Celebrate Recovery one-year, large group teaching schedule and curriculum plan. This means that while adults explore topics that bring healing and wholeness, their kids are discovering the same truths in age-appropriate ways!

Celebration Place is the uplifting, hope-filled, children's companion to Celebrate Recovery. In this kit, you'll find lessons that give children...

  • truths that help them avoid cycles of hurts, hang-ups, and habits.

  • ways to draw close to Jesus during challenging times.

  • language and experiences to understand whats happening in their homes.

  • friendships with other children whose parents are taking the hard step of resolving their pain and moving forward in life.

Designed for 5 to 13 year-olds, Celebration Place gives you everything you need to lead kids in making Jesus the foundation of their lives; break cycles of dysfunction; and join their parents in forgiveness and healing.

This Celebration Place Kit includes:

  • 4 Leader Guides containing a total of 52 lessons

  • 4 Media Kits (includes 3 DVDs per Leader Guide - 12 DVDs in all!)

  • Music Video DVD

  • Music CD

  • Celebration Place Journal

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