Building Skuppeton: The Key to the Best Me Early Childhood Curriculum

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By: Saddleback Kids

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The Skuppets have an important task before them: building the town of Skuppeton. The questions is, what is the best way to build their town? Join the Skuppets as they learn how to build Skuppeton on the truths of the Bible through stories and songs. They will learn the keys to being the best they can be as they build their town on seven foundational principles of a good Christian life. As they collect the seven keys to the city throughout the series, they will learn that the best me they can be is a me who follows Jesus!

This Early Childhood Curriculum Kit includes:

  • 1 DVD with...
    • 7 video lessons for Early Childhood.
  • 3 CDs with...
    • Leader lessons for Birth - Crawler
    • Leader lessons for New Walker - 23 Months
    • Leader lessons for Age 2 - Kindergarten
    • Take-home papers for Age 2 - Kindergarten
    • Coloring pages
    • Additional art files for use within your ministry

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