Freedom from Your Fears Downloadable MP3 and Transcript

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Delivered on 4/3/1994

Pastor Rick began this series on Easter Sunday with an excellent evangelistic message called The Foundation for No-Fear Living. Jesus' first words after he rose from the dead were "Don't be afraid." Pastor Rick teaches that the foundation for living a no-fear life is as simple as A – accept God's love for me, B – believe that Christ died and rose for me, C – commit my fears and my life to Christ. He builds on this foundation as he and the teaching pastors look at fear of the future, fear of failure, fear of financial problems, fear of feeling inadequate, fear of being alone and rejected, fear of commitment, fear of losing control, and guilt.

Messages include:

  1. The Foundation for No-Fear Living (Rick Warren)

  2. Your Future and God's Faithfulness (Rick Warren)

  3. Your Failures and God's Grace (Rick Warren)

  4. Your Finances and God's Provision (Rick Warren)

  5. Your Inadequacy and God's Power (Tom Holladay)

  6. Your Loneliness and God's Presence (Rick Warren)

  7. Overcoming Your Fear of Rejection (Doug Fields)

  8. Your Limitations and God's Sovereignty (Greg Lafferty)

  9. Your Guilt and God's Love (Rick Warren)

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