Grace: The Truth That Transforms — A Verse-By-Verse Study Through Romans

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  • 36 messages on the book of Romans in transcript format
  • 36 reproducible outlines for your church

A note from Pastor Rick:

If I were to ask you, "What's the most important letter you have ever read?," what would you say? I imagine I would get many different answers. Some time ago I took Saddleback through a verse-by-verse study of what I believe to be the greatest letter ever written, the book of Romans, during our mid-week services.

This book, written by Paul, has had an amazing and powerful impact on the lives of millions of people. 

Richard Halbertson wrote, "In a very basic sense, western civilization is a by-product of Paul's letter to the Romans. Nothing was written by man that had a greater impact on modern history."

Samuel Coleridge once said about Romans, "The most profound writing in existence of all time."

John Calvin wrote concerning Romans, "If a man understands Romans he has a sure road open to help him understand the entire Bible."

It is the basic handbook for Christianity. This one letter has helped to change history. Martin Luther started the Reformation because of the book of Romans. John Wesley started the Wesleyan revivals. Augustine became a Christian because of the book of Romans.

In these 36 lessons and outlines I go verse-by-verse through the book of Romans, unlocking the deep spiritual truths that transform lives and build the body of Christ. I believe this is one of the greatest Bible studies I?ve taken our church through over the years. My prayer for you is that this study through Romans would enrich your life and deeply impact the faith of your church.

In Christ,


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