Love Powered Parenting Study Guide

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This study will guide you on a 30-day journey to help you experience how six of Jesus greatest teachings on love can encourage you as you love your children towards a lifetime of purpose and fulfillment.

Yes, there are experiences in parenting that can cause deep hurt. Yes, there are realities in parenting that certainly will cause you to feel inept at times. Yet at the core of it all we can discover (or rediscover) a deep gratefulness for the gift God gives in the opportunity to love a child.

While there are many helpful tips that can help and sustain you in your role as a parent, none surpass Jesus teachings about love. This is where we find the lasting foundation, direction and power that every parent needs.

Six sessions include:

  • Week 1: Finding Energy for What's Important
  • Week 2: The Real Truth About Your Kids
  • Week 3: Getting the Message Through to Your Kids
  • Week 4: The "D" Word
  • Week 5: Your Serve / Their Serve
  • Week 6: Love First Because Love Lasts
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