40 Days of Love Starter Kit (DVD and Study Guide)

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By: Rick Warren

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What is your #1 goal in Life?

Your answer to that question will reveal your dominant life value. Everyone has one whether they realize it or not. Its what we unconsciously base our decisions on.

God tells us that our dominant life value is to "be love" to our world. Jesus once said that of all the commands in the Bible only two are most important. Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.

With this 40 Days of Love Starter Kit for individuals or small groups, Rick Warren teaches that learning to love God and others is to be our highest goal, our greatest aim, our first priority, our deepest aspiration, our strongest ambition, our constant focus, our passionate intention, and our dominant life value. The more we learn how to love authentically, the more we become like Jesus.

Six sessions include:

  • Love Matters Most
  • Love is Patient, Love is Kind
  • Love Speaks the Truth
  • Love is Forgiving
  • Love Isnt Selfish
  • The Habits of a Loving Heart

This Starter Kit for 40 Days of Love includes a Teaching DVD and companion Study Guide Workbook, everything you need for an individual or small group study.

NOTE: If you plan on enjoying this series in a small group, please make sure that each participant has their own Study Guide Workbook. Additional workbooks can be purchased by clicking here.

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