Are You Willing to Make a Difference?

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By: Tommy Hilliker

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Delivered on 3/04/2012

Pastor Tommy Hilliker uses Luke 5:17-26 to teach us four truths for our lives, ways we can make a difference in our world so that we are not just hearers of the Word, but that we would do what it says.

For this particular weekend message, rather than focusing only on teaching content, it is most important to plan this service as a time of celebration and reflection on the spiritual growth of the congregation. Here are some recommended ways to get your people excited and motivated to continue their Bible study methods:

  1. Have special snacks, balloons, and decorate to celebrate!
  2. Speak with your small groups and gather testimonies! Ask these individuals to share during the service. Showing videos of Micah 6:8 groups in action can be inspiring.
  3. Set up a microphone(s) and ask people to come up with their Bibles and share a favorite verse that spoke powerfully to them. Play some soft worship music in the background.
  4. Bring groups up to provide testimonies about their Micah 6:8 Assignment.
  5. Offer communion and take 5 minutes of silence or soft music to allow people to pray, reflect, and meditate on how they have been changed by the Word.
  6. Talk to your church about continuing into the next study! Keep small group momentum. There are plenty of good studies out there.