The Beatitudes: A Life Filled With Blessing Study Kit

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By: Buddy Owens

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You’re about to see your life in a whole new way.

In this small group study, Pastor Buddy Owens walks us verse by verse through Jesus’ most famous teaching — the Beatitudes.

Jesus’ ministry was not just about getting things right with God so you can go to Heaven. It was also about getting things right with God so that you can truly live on earth.

Sessions include:

  • Session One: The Kingdom of God Is at Hand
  • Session Two: The Poor in Spirit and the Mournful
  • Session Three: The Meek and the Righteous
  • Session Four: The Merciful and the Pure In Heart
  • Session Five: The Peacemakers and the Persecuted
  • Session Six: Salt and Light

The simple yet profound discussion questions in each session will lead your group into some of the richest conversations you’ve ever had.

Study guide includes daily prayer journal pages for each session.