Christmas! The Everlasting Story Early Childhood Curriculum

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By: Saddleback Kids

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Join Rachel as she finds herself on a unique Comic Book Adventure! When Rachel discovers an old comic book, she is drawn into the story of Christmas. She meets the prophet Isaiah, Mary, the Angel Gabriel, the Shepherds the Wise Men, and so many more! As she hears the story from their unique prospective, she learns that the birth of Jesus changed the world, and can change her, too.

Lessons include [Nursery/Kindergarten lesson times]:

  • The Story of...Promise [9:54/9:49]
  • The Story of...The Good News [9:33/9:45]
  • The Story of...Humility [10:10/10:30]
  • The Story of...Baby Jesus [9:19/9:30]
  • The Story of...Worship [8:05/8:32]

This Early Childhood Curriculum Kit includes:

  • 2 DVDs with...
    • 5 video lessons for Nursery (Birth - Age 3)
    • 5 video lessons for Kindergarten (Age 4 - Kindergarten)
  • 2 CDs with...
    • Leader lessons for Nursery (Birth - Age 3)
    • Leader lessons for Kindergarten (Age 4 - Kindergarten)
    • PowerPoint slides for Kindergarten (Age 4 - Kindergarten)
    • Take-home papers
    • Additional art files for use within your ministry