Daring Faith Elementary Curriculum

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With God’s power, there is so much more…

What lies beyond our vision in the vast expanse we call life is God’s purpose for each of us. Daring Faith is a six-week elementary curriculum that teaches the value of living by faith.

Each lesson opens with an animated Bible story about a biblical hero who accomplished all that God had destined him to do, because of his trust in God’s power. Pastor Steve Adams follows the Bible story with a brief discussion about living out these Biblical principles, and how this leads to a richer and more fulfilling relationship with God. Finally, the Daring Faith creative segment is a comedic and action packed story that follows two clueless brothers, Hank and Charlie Dasher, as they embark on a daring (and, somewhat ridiculous) mission into outer space to restore order to the planet.

Lessons include:

  • Lesson 1: Noah | Believe
  • Lesson 2: David and Goliath | Faith
  • Lesson 3: Joshua | Imagine
  • Lesson 4: Daniel | Mighty
  • Lesson 5: Moses | Brave
  • Lesson 6: Abraham | Wait

Elementary Curriculum includes:
1 DVD with all 6 lessons
1 CD with…

  • Leader guides
  • Reproducible coloring sheets
  • Parent review guides
  • Backgrounds and additional art files for use within your ministry


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