Foundations Seminar (6 DVDs)

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By: Tom Holladay and Kay Warren

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See the world from God's perspective! A Christian world view based on God's essential truths has a lifelong impact on the way you approach and deal with life's challenges. Foundations curriculum teaches how to filter everyday experiences through the truth of God's Word. For instance, understanding God's gift of salvation enables you to love God more deeply and tell others more confidently what God can do for them.

Developed by Tom Holladay and Kay Warren and field-tested with over 4,000 participants, Foundations is a comprehensive tool for teaching the essential truths of Christian faith in a simple, systematic, and lifechanging way. The 24 sessions take believers on a thought provoking, life-changing exploration of 11 core doctrines:

  1. The Bible
  2. God
  3. Jesus
  4. The Holy Spirit
  5. Creation
  6. Salvation
  7. Sanctification
  8. Good and Evil
  9. The Afterlife
  10. The Church
  11. The Second Coming

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