God's Design For Great Relationships Study Kit

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By: Saddleback Church

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We desire to have deep, meaningful relationships, but far too often, our relationships are marked by disconnection, conflict, and disrespect. God's Design for Great Relationships explores insights from God's Word to help you build healthier relationships in all areas of your life.

This is the second study in the Healthy Small Group series and is specifically designed to inspire your group by introducing the life changing benefits of healthy small group life. The Healthy Small Group series is a pathway designed at Saddleback Church to help small groups build great relationships, grow spiritually, serve, connect with God, and share stories of what Jesus has done. The series helps small groups become fruitful and reproducing communities.

Sessions include:

  • Session 1: A Foundation for Great Relationships
  • Session 2: Taking Relationships Deeper
  • Session 3: Building Enduring Relationships