MK5 Elementary Curriculum

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By: Saddleback Kids

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Kids today are wondering "What on earth am I here for?" Could I be meant for more than television, video games, and cell phone apps? Do I have a purpose? Does God care about me? MK5 tackles those questions with intrigue and drama.

Follow Kyle and the agents as they learn about their mission to not only WORSHIP God, but also how they can BELONG to a family of God, GROW in their relationship with Christ, learn to SERVE and then go SHARE Christ in the world.

This Elementary Curriculum kit includes:

  • 1 DVD
    • Seven episodes of MK5 (each lesson 9-15 minutes in length)
  • 1 CD
    • Seven leader lessons for Grades 1 and 2
    • Seven leader lessons for Grades 3 and 4
    • Seven leader lessons for Grades 5 and 6
    • PowerPoint background slides
    • Downloadable poster

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