Purpose Driven Leadership Course: Teaching to Change Lives Teacher's Guide

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By: Rick Warren and Tom Holladay

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The biblical principles taught in this course will help you become a better communicator of God’s truth.

Commentators on God’s Word tell us what happened in the Bible, communicators of God’s Word show us how the truth of the Bible leads to life change. In this course, we’ve taken the principles of communication that Pastor Rick Warren has taught over 400,000 pastors around the world, and put them in a format that can be taught to teachers in every church.

During this course we’ll be looking at the eight questions you must ask yourself before teaching or preaching.


  • SESSION 1: Teaching for Life Change
  • SESSION 2: Who Will I Be Teaching?
  • SESSION 3: What Does the Bible Say About Their Needs?
  • SESSION 4: What Is the Most Practical Way to Say It?
  • SESSION 5: What Is the Most Positive and Most Encouraging Way to Say it?
  • SESSION 6: What Is the Simplest and Most Personal to Say it?
  • SESSION 7: What Is the Most Interesting Way to Say it?

At the end of each session, you’ll find questions for discussion and application that will help you to immediately put these principles into practice.

*Includes 3 DVDs covering all 7 sessions

    The Learner's Guide is for participants to engage with the material from the PDLC: Teaching to Change Lives Learner's Guide.

    Participant Guide sold separately.

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