Purpose Driven Youth Ministry (Softcover)

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Doug Fields wrote Purpose Driven Youth Ministry to communicate what he believes are the key ingredients to building a vibrant youth ministry that glorifies God and changes kids lives. The book outlines the essentials for building a healthy, Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry. If you are passionate about building a ministry that fulfills the five scriptural goals of evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, ministry, and worship, you will discover a proven, team approach that reduces burnout and incorporates the strengths of the church as a whole. This book is a flexible and exhaustive approach to building a healthy youth ministry based on nine components:

  • Power of God

  • Purpose

  • Potential Audience

  • Programs

  • Process

  • Planned Values

  • Participating Leaders

  • Parents

  • Perseverance

This book has been deemed a youth ministry classic over the last several years and has probably sold more copies than any single youth ministry book published. So what? What does that mean? Maybe that its easy to understand and it resonates with youth workers hearts. PDYM isnt a program to copy, but rather principles to learn, filter through, and possibly adapt into your youth ministry setting. This material has been taught all over the world and makes sense in any setting, culture, denomination and church.

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