40 Days in the Word Campaign Starter Kit

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This 40 Days in the Word Campaign Starter Kit contains examples of all the materials your church members and small groups will need to participate in this campaign. A passion to love, learn, and live the Word of God will be spreading nationwide with this campaign, as thousands of churches have already registered their church for 40 Days in the Word. Be a part of the coming wave, and our hope is that your congregation will be inspired to join together in a shared commitment to be "doers" of the Word!

The following materials are included within the kit:

  • 40 Days in the Word Workbook: Essential to guide participants through six easy-to-learn methods of loving, learning, and living the Word.

  • 6 Week Small Group Teaching DVD: Six 25-30 minute video messages for small group study, Sunday school, or adult education class.

  • Rick Warren's Bible Study Methods: 12 ways you can unlock God's Word.

  • Campaign Resource Disc: Contains many tools to help you customize the campaign specifically for your church, such as 40 Days In the Word logos, promo videos from Rick, web banners, powerpoint templates, lobby poster etc. 

  • 15% off coupon on all materials related to your 40 Days in the Word campaign.

  • Free 40 Days in the Word Sermon Series: Taught by Pastor Rick Warren.

Click here to download a free copy of the 40 Days in the Word Campaign Success Guide.


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