Daring Faith: The Key to Miracles

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Daring faith requires taking risk. It requires the courage to step up and face the giants . . . and to face the unknown. It might be easier to stay in your comfort zone, but when you bravely step out to where God has called you, history is made and lives are changed forever. You must be bold and daring to live an extraordinary life of faith. Join Pastor Rick for Saddleback’s newest series, Daring Faith, and learn what it means to have a bold, unshakable faith that gives you the courage to impact the world around you.

Messages include:

  1. What Happens When You Have Faith
  2. How to Get Ready for a Miracle
  3. Daring to Believe (Easter 2015)
  4. Daring to Imagine
  5. Daring to Give God My Best
  6. Daring to Plant in Faith
  7. Daring to Commit
  8. Daring to Grow a Deep Soul (Mother's Day 2015)
  9. Daring to Be Generous
  10. Daring to Wait on God
  11. Daring to Go in Faith

***Since the sermons associated with the Daring Faith campaign were preached during the Easter season, the sermons are not intended to be preached chronologically. Please refer to the chart below for the proper sequence of sermons and related small group lessons.***

 Week Campaign Week Campaign Message Small Group Lesson
1 Pre-Campaign Message What Happens When You Have Faith NA
2 1 How to Get Ready For a Miracle Lesson 1: Building a Life of Faith
3 2 Daring to Give God My Best Lesson 2: Expecting the Best
4 3 Daring to Imagine Lesson 3: Stretching Your Imagination
5 4 Daring to Commit Lesson 4: Taking the Initiative
6 5 Daring to Plant In Faith Lesson 5: Facing Your Fears
7 6 Daring to Wait on God Lesson 6: Believe While You're Waiting
8 Post-Campaign Message Daring to Be Generous NA
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