Life on Mission Sermons

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This 6-week sermon series works hand-in-hand with the Life on Mission campaign! Download files include:

  • Preaching notes
  • Alternate illustrations
  • Images to use in your message
  • ...and more!

Sermons include:

  • OVERVIEW: As his followers, Jesus calls us to be witnesses—to tell our stories. We don’t have to be experts in theology or know all the answers about the Bible. We do have to be willing to tell people why we believe, and how we have been changed by the hope that is in us. Really, that’s what it means to live life on mission. To see opportunities right in front of us: opportunities to tell our stories in a way that will change someone’s destiny. Welcome to your Life on Mission.
  • ACTION 1 - CONNECT: It may seem obvious, but if we never connect and spend time with people who are far from God, it’s going to be impossible to introduce them to Jesus. Jesus set an example for us by hanging around with people who needed Him—people who needed to be healed, not just physically but spiritually. And He calls us as His followers to not only believe in him, but to live like him and do the same.
  • ACTION 2 - SERVE: Jesus told us to love God and love others. Love, however, is often misunderstood. (We “love” chocolate, for instance!) To simply say that we love, or even have warm feelings toward someone, is not enough. Loving others means taking action and serving them, and breaking down walls in ways that words simply cannot. When we serve people, we show them that they are not “projects” to us—people we are merely trying to convert. Rather, they are unique individuals who are loved by God and loved by us.
  • ACTION 3 - SHARE: As we reach out and serve, the impact of authentic love is so counter to the normal experiences of most people that they are intrigued. So they may open the door with a question. On the other hand, it may be that people appreciate our kindness, but never ask why we do what we do. They may just assume that we’re “nice.” So at some point, God asks us to be bold, and to initiate the conversation. This can be a bit scary. But remember, we don’t need to have answers to all of the hard theological questions. We just need to be ready to share our own experiences, and to state clearly and simply how Jesus has changed our lives.
  • ACTION 4 - GROW: Having a relationship with Jesus should change us. The Bible tells us that we are to be transformed. It’s not a matter of focusing on self-improvement and trying to change ourselves. It’s about inviting God in, turning it all over to him, and asking Him to do the heavy lifting. We are called to be disciples of Jesus and that means that we are to develop daily habits that help us to be more like him as we learn from his example. And we are also called to make disciples, and to help them do the same!
  • ACTION 5 - PRAY: If we are on a mission to connect, serve, share, and grow, doesn’t it make sense that we should stay in communication with the One who is sending us out? Prayer is how we stay connected to God, and is the source of our power and strength. Finding God’s heart for the world starts with prayer because it moves us from our perspective to his perspective. It is a central, consistent means to bring God’s power to bear on every life we touch. We cannot live a life on mission without prayer.
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