Life's Healing Choices: The Beatitudes Sermon Series

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Life's Healing Choices takes a deeper look at the hurts, habits, and hang-ups that stifle the abundant life God has planned for us. We learn how to release past hurts, apply God's truths to everyday decision-making, forgive and ask others for forgiveness, and build a healthy foundation for change; looking verse by verse at the Beatitudes and learning eight ways to be blessed.

Messages include:

  1. The Reality Choice (Rick Warren)
  2. The Hope Choice (Tom Holladay)
  3. The Commitment Choice (Doug Fields)
  4. The Housecleanning Choice (Buddy Owens)
  5. The Transformation Choice (Rick Warren)
  6. The Relationship Choice (Kay Warren)
  7. The Growth Choice (Rick Warren)
  8. The Sharing Choice (Rick Warren)
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