How God Turns Setbacks into Comebacks

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Everyone loves a good comeback story. But without a setback those comebacks wouldn’t be possible. Because we live in a broken world, you will experience problems, trials, difficulties, losses, or failures. You might be in the middle of a setback right now. In this series, you’ll learn how God has helped people in the past overcome setbacks and set you on a course to achieve your comeback.

Messages include:

  1. When You've Had a Business Setback
  2. When Your Setback Seems Irreversible
  3. When a Setback Isn't Your Fault
  4. When Your Setback Feels Like a Failure
  5. When a Setback Leaves You Emotionally Empty
  6. When You Feel Like Giving Up
  7. When Others Keep Setting You Back
  8. When a Setback Fills You with Fear
  9. When It Looks Too Late for a Comeback
  10. When No One Understands Your Goal
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