Testimonies to Go Vol. 5-6

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Volume 5

MICHELLE: Abused by someone she trusted, Michelle shares her courageous battle to break free from codependency and struggles as a survivor of sexual abuse. She is an example of how Celebrate Recovery works in the lives of young adults.

PAUL: Surrounded by violence and substance abuse, Paul ended up in prison where he committed his life to Christ and where he was exposed to harassment, threats and personal violence from inmates. Outside prison, Paul continues a transition to a new life, church family and CR.

LIBBY: Anger and control issues nearly cost Libby her marriage and relationship with her sons, as she strived for the perfect family. God got her attention, healing her family when she acknowledged her need for recovery and took the steps to work through her issues.


Volume 6

JOHNNY: A secret double life kept Johnny buried in denial and fear. A DUI and failure to control alcohol by his own power, he turned to CR. He has worked through the principles and is committed to break the cycle of alcoholism in his family.

REGINA: The childhood of a pastors daughter is viewed as idyllic, but Regina battled addiction and anorexia. It wasn't until she came to CR that she found the tools to break the bonds of substances and negativity.

JACKI: "I can't believe this is what my life has come to" thought Jacki at her first visit to the Women's Sexual Addiction Group. An initial pornography encounter at seven led her down a dark, deadly path. In her journey, the Lord miraculously raised her to a new life.

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