Building Skuppeton and The Legends of New Hope Children's Curriculum Bundle

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Building Skuppeton: The Skuppets have an important task before them: building the town of Skuppeton. The questions is, what is the best way to build their town? Join the Skuppets as they learn how to build Skuppeton on the truths of the Bible through stories and songs. They will learn the keys to being the best they can be as they build their town on seven foundational principles of a good Christian life. As they collect the seven keys to the city throughout the series, they will learn that the best me they can be is a me who follows Jesus! Click here to see what's included in the Building Skuppeton program.

The Legends of New Hope: There is an underlying connection between the members of any community that eclipses the distinct differences they may have between themselves. Some share a common pursuit or belief, while others face similar obstacles and must fight common battles. Such is the case with the residents of New Hope. Though each citizen faces their own unique set of trials, their stories will reflect a shared mission which is finding the key to the question, "how do I become the best me I can be?" In one story, we learn what it means to truly give from the heart as a young woman gives from her want rather than from her abundance. In another tale, we follow Joshua as he learns the importance of standing strong and courageous by resting on and seeking power in the Lord. Each story takes place in a particular area of New Hope and teaches a unique lesson about discovering and becoming the person God created us to be. Click here to see what's included in The Legends of New Hope program.

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