God Rules Early Childhood Curriculum

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This 10-week series, taken straight from the 10 commandments, will help your kids recognize and develop character traits that will bring them closer to their creator. Each lesson explores one commandment in a way that children can easily apply to their own lives, helping them to adopt life-long spiritual disciplines.

God Rules Lessons:

  1. So I Should Worship Him Only

  2. So I Should Make Him More Important than Anything

  3. So I Should Choose My Words Carefully

  4. So I Should Rest and Spend Time with Him

  5. So I Should Obey My Parents

  6. So I Should Respect Life

  7. So I Should Keep My Promises

  8. So I Should Take What is Mine Only

  9. So I Should Tell the Truth

  10. So I Should Be Happy With What I Have


  • 1 DVD with 10 ten-minute Video Lessons for Nursery-Age 3

  • 1 DVD with 10 Video Lessons for Age 4-Kindergarten

  • 1 CD for Nursery-Age 3 with 10-weeks of take-home papers, Bible Story pictures and lesson plans.

  • 1 CD for Age 4-Kindergarten with 10 weeks of take-home papers, Bible story pictures, and lesson plans including song suggestions, object lesson, Bible lesson, memory verse, application section and classroom questions, along with instructions for incorporating the video.

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