Secrets of the Tabernacle Early Childhood Curriculum

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Secrets of the Tabernacle is an interactive childrens study designed to unlock the mysteries of Gods ancient dwelling place and connect kids in a present-day relationship with Jesus. In 4 short lessons, kids learn about and engage Gods powerful love and forgiveness through videos, crafts, games and more.

Lessons Include [Nursery/Kindergarten lesson times]:

  • The Outer Courts [Part 1] [7:47/9:26]

  • The Outer Courts [Part 2] [6:36/8:14]

  • The Inner Courts [6:21/8:59]

  • The Holy of Holies [8:07/10:06]

The Early Childhood Curriculum Kit includes:

  • 2 DVDs with...

    • 4 video lessons for Nursery [Birth-Age 3]

    • 4 video lessons for Kindergarten [Age 4-Kindergarten]

  • 2 CDs with...

    • Leader lessons for Nursery [Birth-Age 3]

    • Leader lessons for Kindergarten [Age 4-Kindergarten]

    • PowerPoint slides for Kindergarten [Age 4-Kindergarten]

    • Take-home papers

    • Additional art files for use within your ministry

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