Christmas Collection: 10 Selected Messages from the 1990s

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This collection of 10 of Rick Warren's Christmas sermons from the 1990s will inspire you and give you ideas as you prepare for your own Christmas message.

  1. Christmas Eve 1991: The Light of Christmas for Your Dark Days
  2. Christmas Eve 1992: What Time Is Christmas?
  3. Christmas Eve 1992: What Difference Does Christmas Make?
  4. Christmas Eve 1993: The Type of Person God Uses
  5. Christmas Eve 1993: God's Christmas Gift to You
  6. Christmas Eve 1994: What Will You Find At Christmas?
  7. Christmas Eve 1995: Miracles of Christmas
  8. Christmas Eve 1996: Searching for a Savior
  9. Christmas Eve 1997: When God Messes Up Your Plans
  10. Christmas Eve 2000: What's So Special About Christmas?
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