Church Security (Softcover)

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Too many churches view security from an unhealthy perspective: either with a lockdown mentality or at the other extreme, where leaders stick their heads in the sand and ignore reality.

But there is room in the middle for church leaders that want to create an open and inviting environment while keeping people as safe as possible and striving for a disruption-free worship experience.

Church Security offers an insider's perspective on creating a security team that's effective, Christ-like, and operates as a genuine ministry. You'll read about ideas that have worked well at Saddleback Church and other congregations, along with ideas that weren't a solid fit. Use the ideas you'll discover, or modify these suggestions to fit your particular church.

No matter the size of your church, you can benefit from investing in a church security team that will help you remain as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves.

Author Bio
KEVIN ROBERTSON is the Director of Security at Saddleback Church. Saddleback Church has campuses in Orange County, CA and surrounding counties, international campuses, as well as an internet campus. He is a pastor, former police officer, business owner, and travels the country conducting church security conferences. He also consults with churches throughout the country, helping them form security teams or fine tuning existing teams.

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