What Every CHURCH Can Do About AIDS (DVD)

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Watch six poignant stories plus two bonus features showing everyday people engaged in doing something about the AIDS pandemic.

The first six 4-minute segments illustrate the acronym C.H.U.R.C.H.:

  1. C.are for and Support the Sick: Shot on-location in Uganda, this is the story of Prisca who goes from caring for her AIDS-stricken sister to caring for everyone in the village with AIDS.

  2. H.andle Testing and Counseling: Follow Tim and his supportive friend Evan as he gets tested for AIDS after his departure from a drug lifestyle.

  3. U.nleash a Volunteer Labor Force: Dave and Carol, from Long Beach, California, respond to the needs of AIDS patients right in their city, and find others to help too.

  4. R.emove the Stigma: AIDS patient David talks about the stigma associated with having the disease, and why he covered up the true cause of his illness around Christians.

  5. C.hampion Healthy Behavior: A Celebrate Recovery member discloses his years of sexual addiction, and how he learned to change his behavior and restore his relationship with his wife.

  6. H.elp with Nutrition and Medication: Godfrey shows us the health, vocational, and nutritional changes God is helping him institute through an African cooperative called The Association.

There are two added bonus videos that are highly impacting:

  • John Forbes: See Johns story and struggles with trying to find help from the church in his battle with AIDS. (4 minutes)

  • Pastor Straton: This powerful reflection from a Rwandan pastor speaks directly to our hearts about not just preaching about compassion, but actually "showing up" for people with AIDS. (6 minutes)

[Closed Captioned]

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