Purpose Driven Leadership Course: How to Be a Purpose Driven Church Learner's Guide

Rick Warren and Tom Holladay
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Build a purpose driven church!

If you focus on building people, God will build his Church. If a church is healthy, growth occurs naturally and consistently. But health only comes by balancing all five biblical purposes Christ created his Church to fulfill. – Rick Warren

How to Be a Purpose Driven Church isn't about church growth. It's about church health. Based on Pastor Rick Warren's popular Purpose Driven Church Conference, this seven-session course helps your church grow:

  • Warmer through fellowship
  • Deeper through discipleship
  • Stronger through worship
  • Broader through ministry
  • Larger through evangelism

More than 500,000 pastors and church leaders from 164 countries have benefited from this material — discovering that a church grows when its members are moved to become the mature Christ-followers they're called to be.

And your church will benefit too with each of these practical, Bible-based sessions:

  • Building a Purpose Driven Church
  • Reaching Our Community Through Evangelism
  • Attracting a Crowd to Worship
  • Building Our Congregation in Fellowship
  • Developing Our Committed Through Discipleship
  • Empowering Our Core for Ministry
  • Sending Our Commissioned on Outreach

The Learner's Guide is for participants to engage with the material from the PDLC: How to Be a Purpose Driven Church Teacher's Guide.

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