Preaching for Life Change

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Craft sermons that change lives!

Research shows that the biggest complaint about church is that sermons are boring and don't relate to people's lives. The simple fact is: preaching makes or breaks a church.

So what about you? Is your preaching changing the hearts and lives of your people?

Our Preaching for Life Change Conference shares creative approaches, strategies, and techniques that will help you create and communicate messages that will change lives. The content is transferable, regardless of church size, denomination or cultural-context.

You'll get 4 DVDs with 8 hours of material over 5 sessions that covers:

  • The Purpose of Preaching
  • How to CRAFT a Message
  • Tools for Preaching
  • Planning Your Preaching
  • Communicating to Change Lives

Hear how the Preaching for Life Change Conference has helped others:

"I learned more in this conference than in 3 years of seminary and 18 years of pastoring."

"There is nothing better on preaching than in this seminar. I knew after the first hour that I had already gotten my money's worth."

"I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to preach effectively. I really do think this is Rick Warren's greatest gift to the church."

Learn to inspire more people through your preaching!

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