Purpose of Preaching Seminar DVD

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Is your preaching changing the hearts and lives of your people? Do you desire to become a better communicator to reach the lost in your community? Each weekend, 55 million people listen to 1 billion words in sermons given across America. Yet research shows that the number one complaint people have is that sermons are boring and dont relate to their lives. The simple fact is that preaching makes or breaks a church. This video seminar will help you develop creative approaches, strategies, and techniques to communicate the only message that can truly change a persons life. Its practical information that is transferable, regardless of church size, denomination, or cultural context.

Resource CD-Rom with outlines included.  

Sessions include:

  • The Purpose of Preaching

  • How to Craft a Message

    • Collect and Categorize Material

    • Research and Reflect

    • Apply and Arrange

    • Fashion and Flavor

    • Trim and Tie Together

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