Rick Warren's Pastoral Helps

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4 Pastoral Helps on CD-ROM include:

  1. Over 2,300 Action Verbs
    This list contains over 2,300 action verbs that are used to enhance your points within a sermon.
  2. Over 240 Category Words for Outlining Sermons
  3. Finding creative categories to outline your sermon can be difficult. In this list there are over 240 categories to help you outline your sermon. Some examples of how to use the categories are the following:
    • The 5 Choices of Every Person
    • The 7 Essentials to becoming a person of faith
    • The 10 Clues your marriage might be in trouble
    • 5 Evils every person should avoid
    • 5 ways to Reduce conflict in relationships
  4. Bibliography of 376 Books on Preaching
    Rick has over 500 books on preaching and communication in his personal library. Here are 376 of his top choices for communication and preaching. You will find this bibliography to be a wealth of information to help you further your study on preaching.
  5. Four Indexes to The Purpose Driven Church book.
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