Small Group Leader Training (DVD)

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In this 3 DVD and PDF (CD-ROM) workbook set Pastor Steve Gladen trains your Small Group leaders how to foster spiritually healthy small groups by balancing the Great Commission and Great Commandment in their groups.

This DVD set is a video of Steve Gladen teaching the material in the Leader Training Kit and is provided for those churches who prefer video based teaching over live teaching.

Steve helps leaders understand how groups fit into the overall church plan and then teaches them how to make their group a Biblical model of what Jesus taught throughout the New Testament.

The first lesson is about discovering the essentials. Leaders need to get a philosophical overview of small groups and know where they are taking their group. To lead a group, you need to know where you're going. Beginning with the end in mind will help them be a successful small group. This interactive first session will help your leaders answer critical questions such as, what's the philosophy for small groups in our church and what goals do we want to achieve?

Next, Steve helps small group leaders determine their group's purpose. A successful group balances all five of the Biblical purposes not only in the group but also in the lives of each member. How can you measure the "health" of a small group? And how do you help leaders measure group health and begin to chart a course for balance? This session includes discussion time on practical tools to measure the health of your small groups. Each group will also develop their own plan to grow their group in health.

DVD run times:

  • DVD 1: 62 minutes

  • DVD 2: 76 minutes

  • DVD 3: 84 minutes

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