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For years Rick Warren has trained tens of thousands of pastors in using the purpose driven methodology to grow healthy churches. Over the years the conference has added and subtracted certain conference lectures due to time constraints. However, what you may not know is that you can still get those lost PDC lectures in a set we call Timeless Conference Lectures.

Sessions include:

  • How to Break the 200-300 Attendance Barrier: Learn the barriers that face a church and keep it from growing. Discover what keeps the American church from growing. Realize 8 changes that must take place in order for a church to grow. Develop a strategy for your church. Adapt practical solutions from Saddlebacks successes and failures.
  • How to Keep Those You Reach: 7 facts, 2 strategies, 2 keys, and 4 assimilation processes to help you keep those you reach in your community. Learn from the "laboratory" of Saddleback the transferable principles you can adapt to fit your community and demographic.
  • Pyramiding Growth Through Special Days: There are no less than nine values for having special attendance days at your church. This session is packed with tips of the trade for planning, executing, and follow-up with these special days.
  • Keep the Structure Simple: What is keeping your church from growing? Growth is natural in a healthy, living body; because all living things grow. Pastor Rick Warren looks at how the functions of a church should determine how it is organized.
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