50 Days of Transformation

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50 Days of Transformation is a study of the transforming power of Jesus Christ, where we look at God's plan to transform us in seven key areas of our lives: spiritual health, physical health, mental health, emotional health, relational health, financial health, and vocational health. We allow God's Word to renew our minds and change the way we think: about God, about ourselves, about our relationships, our finances, our careers — about everything. When we learn to think differently, we will begin to live differently, and as we learn to think God's way, we will begin to live God's way.

Messages include:

  1. Setting Personal Goals by Faith
  2. How to Get Closer to God (Spiritual Health)
  3. From Stressed to Blessed (Physical Health)
  4. Change Your Life by Changing Your Mind (Mental Health)
  5. How to Deal with How You Feel (Emotional Health)
  6. Facing the Fears that Ruin Relationships (Relational Health)
  7. Transforming How I See and Use Money (Financial Health)
  8. Facing Giants in Life and Work (Your Career)
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