Building Bridges

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Delivered on 2/7/1999

In this series, we discover why God gives us relationships and how to build great ones. We look at ways to make life-long friends and to strengthen and restore our current relationships. We learn how to build bridges in our marriages and with our families. We also explore the significance of our words and learn how to get rid of jealousy. Finally, we discover what the root of relational problems is and how to overcome it.

Messages include:

  1. Making Friends For Eternity
  2. Building Bridges In Your Marriage
  3. Building Bridges With Your Words
  4. Strengthening Relationships Through Anger/Conflict
  5. Building a Bridge to Your Family
  6. Getting to the Root of the Problem
  7. The Cure for Jealousy
  8. The Key to Restoring a Relationships
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