Building My Life on Values That Last

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Delivered on 4/6/1997

This series teaches the values, or the core beliefs upon which we base our lives. In a time where tolerance is valued more than truth, these values help us to rebuild on God's foundation. The values taught in this series are responsibility, trust, self-control, balance, respect, forgiveness, moral purity, fairness, honesty, and love.

Messages include:

  1. Choosing My Standard (Rick Warren)
  2. Accepting Responsibility (Rick Warren)
  3. Developing Trust (Rick Warren)
  4. Developing Self-Control (Rick Warren)
  5. The Balanced Life (Rick Warren)
  6. Showing Respect (Rick Warren)
  7. Offering Forgiveness (Rick Warren)
  8. Maintaining Moral Purity (Rick Warren)
  9. Showing Fairness (Rick Warren)
  10. The Truth About Honesty (Doug Fields)
  11. Valuing Love (Tom Holladay)
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