Developing a Faith That Works

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Delivered on 9/14/1986

Pastor Rick teaches on the five marks of maturity in this verse by verse study through the book of James. He looks at how to be positive under the pressure of problems, how to make wise decisions, how to deal with temptation and how to be blessed by the Bible. He teaches how to treat people right, how to have real faith, how to manage our mouth, how to relate wisely to others and how to avoid arguments. He helps us to understand why it is our nature to judge others and how to break that habit, guides us through the common mistakes we make in facing our future and how to avoid them, and teaches us how to be wise with our wealth. He looks at when, why and how to develop patience, and finally how to pray about our problems.

  1. The Marks of a Mature Person
  2. How to Profit from Your Problems
  3. How to Make Up Your Mind
  4. How to Win Over Temptation
  5. How to Be Blessed By The Bible
  6. How to Treat People Right
  7. How to Have Real Faith
  8. How to Manage Your Mouth
  9. How to Relate Wisely to Others
  10. How to Avoid Arguments
  11. How to Quit Playing God
  12. How to Face Your Future
  13. How to Be Wise with Your Wealth
  14. How to Develop Patience
  15. How to Pray About Your Problems
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