Essentials for 21st Century Living

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Delivered on 8/29/1999

This is one of Pastor Rick's best examples of how to apply the purposes of the church to our lives. The first message is an overview of the series, teaching the five needs common to man, and how God and the church provide for those needs. The subsequent messages teach how that works out practically. Pastor Rick teaches on grace and on the importance of fellowship and how to connect with people. Pastor Holladay teaches a message on the importance of Bible study. Pastor Rick teaches on how to make wise decisions, how to invest our lives in ministry, how to tell God we love him, and how to live out God's mission for our lives.

  1. The Five Essentials of Life (Rick Warren)
  2. Living by Grace (Rick Warren)
  3. You've Got to Get Connected (Rick Warren)
  4. How to Connect With People (Rick Warren)
  5. Building Your Life On a Solid Foundation (Tom Holladay)
  6. Using the Bible to Make Decisions (Rick Warren)
  7. How to Invest Your Life (Rick Warren)
  8. How to Tell God You Love Him (Rick Warren)
  9. Fulfilling Your Life Mission (Rick Warren)
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