From Burnout to Balance

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Delivered on 6/11/2000

This series looks at ways to restore margin to our overloaded lives. Pastor Rick teaches us that love is what matters most, how to lighten our loads (Matthew 11:28-30), and how to focus our lives by living a life of significance. Brad Johnson teaches a message on burnout in the workplace and Tom Holladay looks at how to simplify our lives.

Messages include:

  1. Slowing Down (Rick Warren)
  2. Building Margin Into Your Life (Rick Warren and Tom Holladay)
  3. Remember What Matters Most (Rick Warren)
  4. When Your Work Doesn't Work For You Anymore! (Brad Johnson)
  5. How to Lighten Your Load (Rick Warren)
  6. Focusing Your Life (Rick Warren and Tom Holladay)
  7. How to Simplify (Tom Holladay)
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