God's Gift for You This Christmas

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Delivered on 12/23/2000

One Christmas tradition that goes back as far as the first Christmas is that of gift giving. During the holiday season, we immerse ourselves into gifts — buying, selling, giving, and receiving. But too often, we forget that God has gifts for us as well. In this series, Lee Strobel and Tom Holladay teach about the gifts of hope, joy, purpose and strength, and how we can best utilize them. Pastor Rick brings the Christmas Eve message on what is so special about Christmas.

  1. God's Gift of Purpose for You (Lee Strobel)
  2. God's Gift of Strength for You (Lee Strobel)
  3. God's Gift of Joy for You (Tom Holladay)
  4. Christmas Eve 2000: What's So Special About Christmas? (Rick Warren)
  5. God's Gift of Hope for You (Lee Strobel)
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